What is Vehicle Leasing?

Leasing a car or van is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals who want a new vehicle, without tying up their capital by purchasing it outright.

Quite simply, you decide on the vehicle you want, then subject to checks and referencing, make an initial payment, followed by regular monthly payments for an agreed period such as 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

There are many variants of leasing and options for your business. We are keen to explain all the options you have to match the requirements of your business and help free up your capital.

Leasing made simple: fast and flexible

We want to make your experience with van, or car leasing as simple as possible, and we believe there’s no need for unnecessary complications! There are several different plans and options available. As experienced leasing experts, we’re more than happy to take the time to explain all the options, helping you decide which is right for you, or your business.

What we do:

  • Finance many early adopters of EVs, helping drive down C02 emissions.
  • Enable inception and growth of small businesses in the UK.
  • Help overseas companies to invest in the United Kingdom.
  • Build an unrivalled relationship of trust as your fleet grows, becoming an integral advisor and supplier as your fleet expands, allowing you to concentrate on your core business ambitions.
  • Offer a choice of Contract Hire/Vehicle Purchase/Salary Sacrifice/Finance Leasing /Purchase and Leaseback /Used car leasing /Cars and commercials /Specialist leases.

What makes us different?:

  • Exceptional staff, SMEs and business consultants in their field.
  • Your single point of contact has direct access to Senior Management.
  • Flat organisational structure – speed of decision making and empowerment of staff to provide the answers you need.
  • Values and standards.
  • Providing a very different experience to your bank, or utility provider, we can support you with 1 vehicle or a fleet of 100+
  • Fifth-generation business and many staff members with years of experience in the automotive industry. GKL and WVL are a formidable team helping each other.
  • We do the basics extremely well.
  • We give our time to our customers, providing the expertise they need to achieve a successful solution – the reason they chose WVL!
  • WVL provides unique solutions for customers in financial difficulties, working with them through unexpected situations. In the event a business develops financial problems and we are kept closely informed, we have developed a wide variety of payment plans and novel structures, supporting customers who have fallen into arrears.
  • Separate 5-STAR review status on Google for all facets of our business – GKL Leasing, Windsor Vehicle Leasing, and GKL Direct Retail.

Call us and let us run through the options available.

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Why Lease with WVL/GKL?:

  • An expert, reliable consultant as your continuous point of contact throughout the lease, building trust as your dedicated leasing advisor – never experience a faceless phone call or App-only service again.
  • Unrivalled flexibility on underwriting, plus personal service throughout the lease cycle. WVL’s unique consideration in handling of the account and awareness of the customer’s situation has continued through the years. We have always taken our responsibilities under Consumer Duty seriously; they are paramount to our business.
  • Access to our daily rental & month-by-month flexi-hire stock to fulfil any short-term vehicle requirements.
  • Potential to extend your lease at the end (subject to vehicle suitability.)
  • At-cost-only returns on damage beyond BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear, with zero profit on damage, makes us a much more attractive choice than manufacturer finance, helping you stay within the budget intended.
  • Full UK Coverage with locations in both North and South. We are experts in finding you available vehicles from across the UK vehicle dealer networks.
  • Strengthen your hand with manufacturers should there be any manufacturing defects, delays, or servicing issues.
  • We are independent and can finance ANY MAKE/ ANY MODEL.

What to expect with WVL

  • Unless the vehicle is delivered brand new from the dealer, we provide our own expert handover (which helps overcome some of the biggest current customer concerns with EV’s). For example, one of our primary drivers is a former Tesla technician.
  • Unlike manufacturer finance, end-of-lease damage is not a cost-centre and is charged at cost to the customer.
  • Bespoke automated Licence Checking, Risk and Fleet Management System available to larger fleets.
  • Most of our new customers come to WVL as a result of existing customer recommendations.


More often than not, our customers repeatedly lease with WVL; a testament to our staff and service.