Open lease

Please contact Martin on 01753 801913

Need a different car during your time using Open Lease?

Not a problem! Just like a subscription model, only much more cost efficient, simply arrange in advance with your Account Manager for a different car (confirmed by them to you as ‘in stock and available’), bring back the car at a time that suits you and we’ll swap it there and then!

  1. Additional costs may be required – this relates to vehicles hired/leased for one month or more.
  2. Open Lease works on a rolling contract basis, allowing you to extend your short-term vehicle lease contract on a month-to-month basis without hassle.
  3. We pride ourselves on the flexibility of our Open Lease plan, which allows us to tailor it to your needs. Perfect for probationary periods for new employees, short-term business contracts where additional vehicles are required, and many other circumstances. We offer first-class, short-term contract hire solutions for your business.
  4. Does your business have an immediate short-term requirement to lease a car or van – but you don’t want to be tied down to the usual lengthy vehicle leasing contracts? If so, WVL’s innovative Open Lease plan is perfect for you.

We use a selection of high-quality, ex-lease, low mileage vehicles, fully maintained and inspected before delivering.

New and start-up business leasing options are also available. Please call for full details.
Terms and conditions apply.