Available vehicles ready to lease

Kia Niro 4+

Tesla Model 3 Long Range 19″

Jaguar I-Pace EV400 S

Tesla Model 3 Performance

Porsche Taycan 4S Saloon

Tesla Model S Long Range

Tesla Model 3 Standard Plus

Renault Zoe GT Line

VW ID.3 Life Pro

Tesla Model 3 Saloon Long Range

All durations and mileages available, so please
call for a business quote.

A wide selection of Cars and Vans including Electric and Combustion engines

Why Lease a Used Vehicle with WVL

  • Avoid delays – we have physical stock
  • With EV’s No London Congestion Charge or ULEZ Charge
  • Access to a varierty of brand new electric cars
  • We drive EV’s so we can help you get started
  • Free parking and charging at certain locations with EV’s
  • Unique underwriting criteria to get you on the road quicker
  • Profiles and mileages to suit your business
  • Flexible and short-term leasing available
  • Nationwide delivery
  • All vehicles fully inspected and valeted to our highest standards
  • Friendly and experienced team
  • Stock constantly changing, so please call for updates

Change to an Electric or Hybrid

Changing to an Electric or Hybrid vehicle has significant tax benefits for the driver. Likewise, employer benefits include savings on National insurance contributions, congestion / emission zone charges, and fuel costs.

Electric vehicles need to be assessed using a whole-life approach, which means taking into the account the savings the vehicles offer, and then looking at the net position of the hire or lease over the period of use.

WVL has been running electric vehicles for several years. We can assist with these calculations, offering practical advice on running and living with an electric vehicle – most of our advisors drive them, so this comes from first-hand experience. Why not give us a call, so we can pass this on face-to-face, rather than via our website?

We have in stock various makes and models of new, ex-demonstrator and lease-return vehicles, both electric and hybrid.